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 By staff copywriter Carol Quest

Chris Topaz learned music at an early age in private school as a prodigy and later at college managed a band that won The Battle of the Bands in Sacramento. He played keyboard music during the station breaks for a college cable T.V. station in Oakland. Later he started a circulation 10,000 tabloid in The Bay Area that focused on music. A solo music project that started as a feasibility study started charting online in the popular mp3 format and he named the project Alien Sex Cult. Alien Sex Cult was his nickname in college that refers to the polytheism belief in extraterrestrial intervention in the affairs of the evolution of mankind.

It's Chris Bertram, Producer:

“I’m not only a man who can treat you to a meal that I’ve prepared, but I know how to wash the dishes too. I’m hoping to meet a fun-loving woman who will join me in the kitchen as we toss in ingredients to create a savory meal. We may even steal some kisses along the way if we find that we have the right blend of chemistry that moves our friendship into something more committed.”

“I’m naturally curious about the world around me and enjoy stimulating conversations that expose me to new thoughts and perspectives. My match will impress me with her intelligence and delight me with her quick wit. We laugh a lot together and find we love discussing potential answers to life’s most persistent questions. “

“Physical attraction is important, but so are strong values, honesty, a respect for others, and a passion for seeking adventures and new experiences. I don’t think I could live without my laptop and Internet access, but this is one time when I’m eager to log out and meet you in person so I can look into your eyes and discover what the true potential is between us. ”

""Alien Sex Cult," was a nickname that did not stick to me in college, but became a curious moniker. The band's unique alternative rock sound grew out of experimental synthesizer sounds I helped produced at a college cable T.V. station, Peralta Colleges Television. The station manager needed music between shows, so I improvised and used previous band management experience for a band that had won Sacramento's KZAP's "Battle of the Bands."

"I became interested in Electronic Music while taking music theory and electronics at community college. I've always made prototype sound oscillators, and grew familiar with the attack, decay and sustain portion of a sound. I learned that every sound has an envelope and that electronic sounds may or may not be based on natural sounds.”

"In College at American River College, in Sacramento, I took music and helped manage a band  that played local shows in the Bay Area and Sacramento. The band had won a battle of the bands competition. Later I started a newsprint magazine and tabloid Bay Area Rock Magazine while I lived in Oakland and attended Merritt College in Oakland and transferred to San Francisco State University. The magazine allowed me to interview countless bands and gain backstage access to clubs with press credentials for music. At San Francisco State University I took music: Rock Since the 1960s, and The Roots of Rock and released a debut album that was signed to iTunes, an online music store managed by Apple. The album was recorded at The California Recording Institute where a graduating class wrote papers on the band and engineered a recording session on the band first called T.Y.N. Research. The band recorded further on two inch tape at Woo Woo Productions in Marin County and transitioned to the band: Alien Sex Cult. Further recordings were done in digital at Studio132 in San Francisco the home of: The Hot Tuna Studios, the studio from the former Jefferson Airplane, and also a favorite recording spot for Britney Spears. Partial mastering was done at Fantasy Records Studio in Berkeley by George Horn the golden ear of Fantasy Records. Fantasy Records home of Credence Clearwater Revival and recording studio for Aerosmith, and Fleetwood Mac is in the process of mastering an entire album for the band. I built a website with promotional materials and some of the songs began charting on websites such as When a song hit number one at, I called a producer of Eagles legend Don Henley: Steve Jankowski. I asked Steve to produce a horn section for Sentimental Places a strong contender of Alien Sex Cult and he produced the horn section. Steve Jankowski has toured with Aretha Franklin and numerous big named talents. The debut album "Electronics in the Orchestra," is available at iTunes for music download and available at over 200 outlets worldwide."

"I produced, played guitar, synthesizer and engineered Alien Sex Cult. The album Electronics in the Orchestra is protected by a Library of Congress Copyright 2005..."

Chris Bertram Key responsibilities: Album Engineering: Custom Synthesizer and Software, Production, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting, and Session Musician. listens to: Various Classic Rock, Modern Rock. Music Influences: Classic Rock, Alternative Album, Modern Rock.

Chris formed his publishing company, Analog Data Enterprises and the band, Alien Sex Cult to download mp3's of Alien Sex Cult's songs. Building on his roots in the Oakland punk rock warehouse scene, Chris is now the editor of Bay Area Rock Magazine a blog that started as a print fanzine. Bay Area Rock Magazine reports the latest news about bands, music trends and developments. Chris is always interested in new artists and developing talent to produce in his recording studio. All music is published by Analog Data Enterprises A.S.C.A.P. and T.Y.N. Research BMI, copyright 1985-2001, 2012 By Chris Bertram, unless otherwise noted.

The Posers:

“I was working as a programmer in Silicon Valley, and a side project was a video game. The video game later became one of the projects for a contractor for Applied Materials. At one point I was making music for the video game. A neighbor, who later became a session bass player came over when he heard me playing in a hotel in San Francisco. We answered an ad for a free recording session at The California Recording Academy (they have since changed the name) and recorded on 2 inch tape. They did some experimental microphone placement on the drum kit that was amazing. I had heard that drum kits used a lot of microphones from when I managed a band in Sacramento but this used all sorts of different types of microphones on different tracks of 2 inch tape. We were all happy with the basic tracks and went to Woo Woo Productions for the synthesizer recording on 2 inch tape. Zoe and I at Woo Woo, she vocals and me keyboards then left and went to Studio 132 in San Francisco where BZ now an Emmy award winning sound engineer mixed down what we had and added further touches on acoustic guitar. I used a medium sized concert acoustic guitar with nickel flat wound strings. Nancy did her vocal section at Studio132 with their great microphones. There are two girls on The Posers, Zoe and Nancy. I sent it all over to George Horn at Fantasy for the Golden Ear mastering and there you have the final version of The Posers. The Posers was made for radio but at that time we didn't know where it all would be going."

"There have been Paranormal experiences on this band since the beginning and that is what brought the name change. It was T.Y.N. Research before it was Alien Sex Cult. One of the first drummers started hearing voices and never came back because he was too afraid for his immortal soul. He thought continuing in the band would forsake his soul.”


Trade Review:

“Alien Sex Cult is a group based in San Francisco. Their cool rhythms and eclectic style of music lend themselves to comparisons with the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band while their usage of synthesizers and torrential backbeats remind one of Depeche Mode. Their music is about getting together and having fun, and the upbeat rhythms of their music is conducive to recreating this atmosphere time and time again.”